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Your Kuramoto, Toji and Kurabito, Chuck.

Ginger Saké

Lots of people have asked if we will do infused saké. The answer is yes, and here’s our first example — Kuracali Ginger Ginjo Genshu Saké! You can come and try it in our tasting room along with the Clear and Cloudy from Pilot Batch 3. Here is also an example of what our bottles will look like when we finally get them approved.

Pilot Batch 3 is pressed and clarifying!

Pilot batch 2 did not work out. I did not have a temperature-controlled fermentation chamber made for it in time. Pilot batch 3 did go into a cold box though and has turned out nicely. This one is made with a different yeast blend and with koji made in the kura! It is a dry saké at 19.5 % abv. We have pressed it and moved it into our walk-in cooler for cold-settling and clarification.

A beautiful shade of green

This bag of moldy rice has this saké brewer super excited!

What this bag is full of is spores that were propagated from koji right here in the Kuracali brewery. We now have a process for propagating koji and for propagating the spores that make the koji.

This means that all we need is rice and water and yeast to make our saké. Yeast is easy to get locally, the koji we want… not so much.


On Tap or Jug

Here at the brewery we’ve been busy brewing! We have four beers on tap and two sakés (pouring from jugs at the moment) and two more beers and a follow-on batch of saké actively fermenting.

From the left to the right: clear saké, cloudy saké Anecdotalist Amber (which you may note is not very amber but at least it is not brown,) Session Brown, Better Dead than Red Brown (it was supposed to be red!)  and Deep Thought Porter.

The Session Brown is a new lighter version of the Mellow Brown and just came on tap at the brewery. But the Mellow Brown will return!  Next up however is the Logic Bomb Sweet Stout and then a Rye Ale which we have brewed but have not named yet.

Hold the presses!

We have (finally!) pressed the pilot batch of saké. The cloudy sake you see in the picture blow will slowly turn clear over the next week as it settles in our cold room. You can come to our saké tasting room on Saturday (the 18th) to give it a try! The saké can only be sampled in the tasting room for now because we are still waiting on our California and Federal label (COLA) approvals for the saké bottles and saké growlers.